Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

With everything in today’s world moving so fast, often times it becomes next to impossible to balance your every day daily tasks with other commitments.

This is one of many reasons as to why we started the Walk This Way Dog Walking and Pet Services. Our services work on your time to meet your, and your pet's, needs and requirements.

Whether you need us once, twice or even seven days a week, we can walk your pet's, feed them, keep them company…whatever their needs are, we can meet them.

Some of the benefits of our services:

  • Register as our client and we will be available on-call. So whether you have to stay late at work, or can’t turn down that dinner invitation, we can be there for your pet.
  • While you’re out of town, your pets will be looked after in your own home. We can visit them a number of times through the day, how often is up to you, and even stay over if you would like. We make a program, with you, that fits your pets, and your, needs.
  • We can check your house for you as well, take in the mail and keep it in a lived-in appearance. Many insurance companies require someone to check your home every 48 hours when you are away to keep your insurance valid.
  • We can provide your pets with food, water, attention and walks at anytime you need!
  • We also have many alliances that will help you with any areas of concern we can't assist with. This ranges from holistic foods, nutrition counseling, natural and herbal remedies, behavioural problems and most other areas.
  • We all want and deserve holiday times and we can provide assistance to you, and your pet's, for you to have a worry free vacation!

In short our goal is to make pet ownership a hassle free relationship, making your pets your trouble free best buddies.

Contact Walk This Way Dog Walking and Pet Services today and see how we can help make you and your pet’s lives worry free!

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We offer a FREE, no obligation, initial consultation to discuss the needs of you and your pets including dog walking and pet sitting. This is done in your home. We will work with you to make a custom plan to fulfill your family's needs.

As all of our plans are customized according to your needs and requirements, our rates will be set accordingly.